Tips to get the best waterproofing with PU foam

Did you know that UR Polyurethane Foam controls the temperature from 10 to 15 °C indoors?

Throughout the years, Polyurethane Foam has been present in our lives, from the rubber of hearing aids, to mattresses and armchairs that we use daily, so it turns out to be an ideal thermo-acoustic insulator for any application that requires it.

How can I apply UR Polyurethane Foam efficiently and at a low cost?

Polyurethane Foam an ideal Thermo acoustic insulator for areas where you want to control temperature and noise, it is also presented as a waterproofing agent. At UR INGENIERÍA we strive so that our clients are constantly trained, so here we will list some tips to obtain excellent results in each waterproofing that they carry out with UR Polyurethane Foam.

Tips for controlling the temperature indoors
  • Repair cracks and fissures on the surface with UR-8085 Semi-Rigid Sealer.

Sellador Semirrigido UR Ingeniería
Semi-rigid sealant UR Engineering
  • It is essential that the area is clean and dry before applying UR Polyurethane Foam, being essential to choose the appropriate material depending on the needs of the client and the place.

  • Apply UR Polyurethane Foam evenly.

Espuma de Poliuretano UR Ingeniería