Polyurethane Foam: A World of Applications

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What are the applications that polyurethane foam can have?

What are casting or injection foams used for?

Polyurethane foam is a product that we find in our daily lives everywhere we go.

Some examples of where we find polyurethane foam are: armchairs, chairs, pillows, mattresses, the heater, the refrigerator, bathroom accessories such as sponges, in the car, on the roof, the seats, in general we are surrounded by polyurethane foam .

What can you do with polyurethane foam practically whatever you want:

  • The insulation of a thermo tank for a solar heater.

  • Insulate a roof thermally and acoustically, for a recording studio, a theater, a cinema.

  • Waterproofing sheet or concrete roofs, in addition to isolating the interior from noise and lowering the temperature.

  • It is used in chicken farms to maintain a suitable thermal condition for raising chickens.

  • In Advertising to make all kinds of figures.

Espuma de poliuretano escultura ur ingenieria

Polyurethane foam is the mixture of two products, a polyol and an isocyanate, which are normally mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1, however, there is a great combination of relationships to make foams with different characteristics. We are not going to go into the chemical part to explain what each of the components is, since the purpose of this article would be lost.

What is important to know is that foam is sold according to its density per cubic meter.

When one buys 32 kilos / m3 foam, they mean that with 16 kilos of polyol and 16 kilos of Isocyanate, one cubic meter of foam is made. This foam is used to insulate thermally and acoustically areas such as sound studios, factories, walls.

The 40 kilos / m3 foam is used more for thermal issues to maintain the temperature like refrigerators, cold rooms, coolers.

The 15 kg / m3 foam is used more to pack fragile things, crystals, handicrafts, etc.

All densities are handled and these are applied in countless applications.

A first classification of foams can be the time in which the two components react when mixed: Those that dry very quickly are to spray, that is, to launch the mixture of the two components with a gun and air forming a fan, at a

vertical or horizontal surface to form a coating with a thickness of polyurethane foam that can be one, two or three inches, usually to isolate an area thermally and acoustically.

  • The foams that take a little longer to dry, we mean 20 or 30 seconds, which is not much, are called casting or injection and are normally used in molds to make finished products. These foams are also injected into

  • refrigerators, gas or solar heaters, coolers, etc.

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