How to apply Resin and Epoxy Paint?

As for the paint and epoxy resin, I tell you what works are

can do with the resin and epoxy paint that we are


With epoxy paint, all you can do is perform

painting jobs, mainly on industrial or commercial floors.

Compared to epoxy paint, resin allows for a large number of applications

as they are:

• Sanitary basement.

• Repair of chipped joints.

• Pothole to cover holes in floors.

• Repair of cracks.

• Self-leveling coatings for thickness 1,2 or 3


• Epoxy mortar to make coatings of high

thicknesses 3 and 6 mm or a little more.

• Decorative quartz.

When is epoxy paint applied and when is self-leveling or epoxy mortar applied on floors?


When you have a floor where the surface is smooth, does not show scratches or holes